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Delivery Assurance

Project Length:

  • 18 Months


  • To achieve on-time deliery in full with multiple strategic suppliers operating in the UK and Europe.

Issues Prior:

  • Material shortages and delays causing manufacturing line stops

  • Delivery schedule at 60% on time delivery (not even in full)

Plans to Resolve:

  • Chaired regular meetings to encourage constructive communication between client and suppliers

  • Re-educate supplier to utilise client supplier portal

  • Monitor production process stages weekly using WIP Tracker

  • Implement corrective action process for any issues

Issues During:

  • Supplier stakeholder’s reluctance to change

  • Supplier blaming client

  • Resource shortage within suppliers



  • On average 12 week turn around with each supplier

  • Line stops eliminated

  • 90% on time delivery in full

  • 100% adherent to usage of supplier portal

  • Vast improvements to client and supplier relationships

Manufacturing Manager

Project Length

  • 3 Months



  •  Increase OTDIF and Improve customer satisfaction


Issues to start with

  • Shop floor managed by fire fighting

  • No targets for completing work packages

  • Supervision lacked leadership

  • HIghly skilled manual intervention

Plan to fix it

  • Developed and implemented a Dashboard in collaboration with the IT department, enabling the monitoring and reporting of production and non-production hours vs attendance hours.

  • Introduced a visual management approach to shop floor production scheduling

  • Implemented a daily report to monitor Actual Sales vs Target, as well as corrective actions to reduce potential slippage.


Issues on the way

  • Resistance from Shop floor supervision



  • A reduction in lost time hours to less than 4%.

  • Increase in productivity

  • Deliveries to customers improved eliminating Line Stops

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Project Manager – Off-Load Programme

Project Length

  • 3 Months



  • Ensure continuity of deliveries on 7 NPI projects for various OEM's during the Offloading of production from Camberley


Issues to start with

  • Goods Inward/ Dispatch not set up for cross-docking of materials to sub-suppliers.

  • Resources were already stretched trying to maintain supply to the OEM's

  • Scope of works for sub con not clearly defined.

  • No resource Identified at the supplier to manage deliveries

  • Delivery Assurance contractors in suppliers reported on status. Not held accountable for Implementing solutions


Plan to fix it

  • Finalised the transfer of tools and materials for 7 Aerospace projects from Camberley to the UK, Europe and Mexico for suppliers to achieve OTDIF.

  • Collaborated with Supply Chain Personnel from Boeing to ensure continuity of deliveries.

  • Conducted accurate and efficient weekly reporting to SLT on Transfer Of Work progress.


Issues on the way

  • Employees working in Silo's



  • Improved collaboration between Logistics, Purchasing and Sub Con

  • Transfer of Project to Mexico achieved.

  • Developed, Implemented & carried out plans with Sub Contractors to achieve OTDIF

Operations Programme Manager – Actuation

Project Length

  • 6 Months



  •  Ensure MC21 Iron Bird & AC 1 were completed on Time.


Issues to start with

  • Shortages of Gears form Manufacturing Cell

  • Shortages of parts from Suppliers

  • Difficult to formulate a resource plan based on Single Shift due to sporadic supply of parts


Plan to fix it

  • Produce MPS for Assembly of Slats Flaps & Transmission Shafts

  • Generated resource and training plan in line with MPS, to meet demand.

  • Reduced delays to the build plan by ensuring the timely completion of concessions, coordinating with engineering teams.

  • Secured shared resources to meet the build plan, liaised with department heads, and coordinated with the Verify team to ensure the prompt approval of Supplier FAI’s to meet MPS.

  • Performed Production Process monitoring against plan.

  • Monitored Supply Chain Deliveries against production plan through LOB.

  • Implemented a resource plan to cover 24 hour assembly of Actuators.


Issues on the way

  • C Series Gear Manufacture was taking priority over MC21

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