Modular Construction


Productivity Consultant

Project Length

  • 6 Months



  •   Improve Productivity & Quality


Issues to start with

  •  Responsibility & Accountability


Plan to fix it

  • Identify Current Issues

  • Introduce task based Project Management System (Asana)

  • Set up different projects by Manufacturing Discipline

  • Trained Senior members of the management team on Asana.

  • Coach Senior members on empowering their teams

  • Introduce a weekly SLT meeting driven by Project Status in Asana

  • Encourage Accountability and Responsibility

  • Empower employees


Issues on the way

  • Covid 19

  • Remote working

  • Tight Customer deadlines


  • Manufacturing system defined

  • System set up and managed in Asana

  • Super User Identified and Trained

  • Projects transferred to Client Domain.

  • Training program completed for SLT

Hire Fleet Operations Manager

Project Length

  •  15 Months



  • Remove buildings at the end of the rental period in a timely manner and to budget.

  • Ensure Customers are satisfied 12 month defects are resolved


Issues to start with

  •  Role was being done on an adhoc basis


Plan to fix it

  • Implemented and managed a programme to remove modules at the completion of hire periods.

  • Overcame I&E target costs while managing a decant of 100 modules over a four-month period and multiple sites simultaneously.

  • Successfully put together and agreed dilapidation costs with clients at the end of the rental Periods


Issues on the way

  • Logistics issues organising low-loaders in and out of the M25

  • Had to replace an under performing Site Manager at short notice.



  • Decommissioned a Medical Centre in Oldbury - 25 Modules

  • Decommission a Primary School in London - 44 Modules.

  • Installed and fitted out two buildings for 6th Form College in Norwich. - 40 Modules

  • Decommissioned a secondary school in Warrington - 12 Modules

  • Resolved Issues with dissatisfied customers on 2 School Projects where 12-month defects had not been completed.

  • Resolved Leaking roof issues on various buildings.


Production Director

Project Length

  •  20 Months



  • Continue to Improve through put in factory

  • Take on responsibility for transportation of Modules to Site

  • Take on responsibility for Installation of Modules on Site


Issues to start with

  • Transportation

  • Installation Teams

  • Organisation


Plan to fix it

  • Setting up process for transportation

  • Setting up process & Training of Installation teams

  • Establishing back-office support for Installation Team


Issues on the way

  • Start up issues

  • Training of new procedure's processes



  • Delivered increases YoY, achieving up to 475 modules on time and to contract within one year.

  • Slashed costs by 10% on steel frames using VA/VE, achieving £160,000 per annum in savings,

  • Produced standard modules that were 15% lower than target cost.

  • Reduced overtime costs by implementing a banked hour scheme

  • Instrumental in significantly reducing assembly time on site through the re-engineering of high bay modules.

Purchasing & Planning Manager

Project Length

  •  8 Months



  •  Increase production output in line with Company plan for growth


Issues to start with

  • No Master Production Schedule

  • Sporadic deliveries of materials

  • Poor Quality


Plan to fix it

  • Produce a production plan for 5 cells to meet the Contracts Department Installation Programme.

  • Improve Supplier Quality

  •  Negotiated JIT deliveries with all key suppliers, ensuring availability of materials to meet production plans.

  • Reduced stock


Issues on the way

  • Setting up 5 Production Cells in the factory

  • Introducing dedicated Teams of 4

  • Improving Supplier Quality



  • Reduced stock to less than 48 hours

  • Increased production output YoY to support business growth from £15m to £35m in 2 years.

mod - purch+PlanMan.JPG
mod - fm.jpg

Factory Manager

Project Length

  •  4 Months



  •  Ensure delayed module manufacture recovered to meet contracts installation dates


Issues to start with

  • Lack of Production Planning

  • No defined arears to build modules

  • Poor management of resources


Plan to fix it

  •  Defined the manufacturing Schedule

  • Measured at specific points in the process. Plan V Actual.

  • Take actions to reduce delays as and when required.


Issues on the way

  • Shortage of materials

  • Poor Quality/ Rework

  • Training

  • Standard Processes



  •  Turned around a 2-week delay and successfully met the contracts schedule after 6 weeks, managing workforce and resources to efficiently meet the production and on site installation plans.