Professional Services

Health and Saftey Implementation

Project Length

  •  18 Months



  • Improve Health & Safety


Issues to start with

  • No process in place


 Plan to fix it

  • Recruit a 3rd party assessor to carry out Audits

  • Create action plan based on report

  • Carry out Senior Management H&S Training

  • Implement internal Audits.

  • Introduce a culture of reporting accidents & near misses

  • Follow up on all reported incidents


Issues on the way

  • Reluctance to Change

  • Aged Work force

  • Long term illness in department



  • Machine downtime reduced to less than 1%

  • Housekeeping dramatically improved

prof - h&s.jpg

Employee Empowerment

Project Length

  •  24 Months



  •  Introduce Employee Empowerment


Issues to start with

  • High Rate of absenteeism

  • Poor record of H&S

  • No Employee Development

  • Poor Communication

  • No responsibility and accountability

  • No Succession Planning


​Plan to fix it

  • Set up daily TOP 5 & 15 meetings with Shop Floor and Management and GAP Boards with KPI's

  • Set up visual management systems.

  • Introduce return to work interviews.

  • Introduce PDP's & include investment in Level 2 & 3 NVQ training

  • Organise Manufacturing into zones and allocate supervision

  • Set up a project for Health & Safety

  • Embark on an Apprentice Program


Issues on the way

  • Reluctance to Change

  • Aged Work force



  • Cut absenteeism from 6.31% to 1.1%,

  • Achieved the Walsall Lifelong Learner ‘Step to Work’ Champions Award in March 2009.