Metal Processing


Production Manager

Project Length

  •  12 Months



  •  Maintain delivery to clients after company was brought out of administration


Issues to start with

  • Shop floor layout

  • Raw Material Identification & storage

  • Inventory Control

  • Production Planning

  • Labour Efficiency


Plan to fix it

  • Improve the shop floor layout to improve material flow & reduce waste.

  • Allocate fixed Locations for Material Storage.

  • Improve inventory control by implementing a Lot Tractability System on raw material.

  • Introduce Visual Management System for Production Planning

  • Implement a 3-shift system to reduce costs and improve key machine efficiencies.


Issues on the way

  • Negative Cashflow

  • Invoice Factoring Restrictions



  •  Managed to full fill all customer requirements and pay employee wages before Administrators were called in for a 2nd time.

Preventative Maintenance Programme

Project Length

  •  12 Months



  •  Reduce machine Downtime. Reduce H+S Issues near misses


Issues to start with

  • No preventative maintenance program in place

  • Repeated breakdowns on same equipment

  • No budget for TPM

  • High occurrence of near misses due to oil leaks


 Plan to fix it

  • Carry out assessments on all Hydraulic Systems

  • Create action plan based on report

  • Introduce a TPM budget

  • Introduce a Preventative Maintenance Plan

  • Sub contract Quarterly and annual inspections and maintenance


Issues on the way

  • Reluctance to Change

  • Aged Work force

  • Long term illness in department



  • Machine downtime reduced to less than 1%

  • Housekeeping dramatically improved

Cash - .jpg

Material Flow Improvments

Project Length

  • 12 months



  •  Improve Material Flow from Goods Inwards to Customer


Issues to start with

  • No workshop organisation

  • Poor Raw and Finished Goods storage

  • Poor Delivery Performance

  • One off Special Deliveries

  • New pallets being procured for each shipment

  • No structure to return of pallets

Plan to fix it

  • Introduce 5S

  • Re laid out Materials Stores to improve space utilisation

  • Purchase a side loading FLT

  • Set up Standard pallets sizes & shop stocks at suppliers to be called off

  • Set up Shop Stocks of finished goods for Key Customers

  • Implement Fixed Slot Variable Batch (Tete Tete) production on Key Machines.

  • Implement and run Kanban system on slitting, Polishing & Blanking Lines

  • Implement JIT supply/collection system for Pallets from customers.

  • Organise backloads to collect pallets from Customers

  • Introduce Milk runs


Issues on the way

  • Explaining and implementing demand Pull with Suppliers & Customers

  • Setting up fixed slot variable batch Production.

  • Working with Transport company to improve vehicle Utilisation



  1. Improved productivity and enhanced DOTIF from 66% to 97%.

  2. Reduced transport costs by 2%,

  3. Reduced packaging costs by 88%

  4. Eliminated aged stock